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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities adversely affects 20-30% of the American population and contributes to over 35 different health conditions. Consumption of these foods usually yeilds delayed reactions which can manifest in various ways. It can take from 45 minutes to several days for symptoms to become apparent. This will result in chronic and long standing inflammation in the body.

This panel tests 120 different foods including vegetables, fruits, dairy, nuts and more. It also tests for 30 different chemicals and additives.

Once we have tested and identified what foods you are reactive to, we proceed to eliminate them for a period of time to reduce inflammation. We then identify what is the root cause of the food sensitivites and address it as necessary.

Most patients when eat accordingly experience improved energy,improved digestion, weight loss, less food cravings, less aches and pains, improved memory, clearer thinking, and a better sense of well being

Which foods are good for you?

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