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Functional medicine is an emerging field of medicine grounded in the functional application of basic sciences and biochemistry. Functional medicine is a patient-centered medical healing at its best. Instead of perceiving and treating health problems as isolated diseases, it focuses on treating patients and their own manifestations of disease. Functional medicine seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease and understand the physiological mechanisms behind your disease process. This way, not only is the symptom and manifestation addressed, but the underlying causes as well.

As Functional medicine practitioners, we provide chronic care management with the understanding that diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental toxins play central roles in our health because they may predispose us to illness, provoke symptoms, and alter the activity of vital biochemical mechanisms.

Functional Blood Nutrition A standardized blood test is the most effective way to gage your health.

 Although what happens when your blood test comes back normal and you don’t feel normal???

Here at Broward Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine we look at blood test in a more detailed and in depth manner. We work in functional ranges rather than laboratory ranges. Laboratory ranges are getting broader as health declines, and no longer identify a good state of health. They are more reflective of an already diseased state. Functional ranges are more narrow and identify the optimal and healthy state of that marker. It is within these functional ranges that our systems work most efficiently. Being out of these ranges can account for symptoms and discomforts experienced when your biomarkers are considered within “normal range”.

Let us see your blood chemistry report so we may take a more thorough and detailed look at your test results to identify developing disease processes, areas of attention and physiological imbalances. It is time to fine tune your health.

This analysis will identify

-Dis-ease patterns

-The causes of your symptoms and diseases

-what you should be eating

-Lifestyle adjustments to make

-what herbs, vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals YOU need !

Tests Ordered

-Routine Blood Test and extensive Blood tests

-Adrenal Stress Index

-Hormone Testing

-Allergy Testing

-Food Sensitivity Testing

-Heavy Metal Testing

-Mineral/Micronutrient Testing

Broward Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine

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Sunrise, FL 33323