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Dr. Johanna Nazzar DAOM, LAc, CFMP

D​r. Johann​a Nazzar holds a Doctorate and Masters's in Oriental Medicine. She holds two Bachelor's degrees in Biomedical Science and Health Sciences with a Minor in Psychology. She has had extensive training in Functional Medicine for the last 14 years and is board certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She has the unique skill to integrate Eastern and Western medicine to provide a comprehensive approach to dealing with disease and illness. 

She has great experience in autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid dysfunction, neurological deficits and hormonal imbalances among many other conditions.  She is constantly furthering her education by attending conferences to stay on top of the newest research. 

"It is my responsibility to my patients to continuously search for answers and acquire new knowledge and skills so that I can guide them to true health"- Dr. Johanna Nazzar

With her well-rounded and integrative background, she strives to deliver a well-developed, integrated health plan tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs. This approach is key to guiding the body back into an optimal state of health.

"A good physician takes the time to listen and care so that they can educate and guide their patients"

Dr. Johanna Nazzar