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Preparing you for it, helping you through it and helping you recover from it....

Menopause is a natural, physiological cycle that occurs in all women. Symptoms are signs that there are imbalances deep within in the body that don't facilitate this natural change.

Acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and functional medicine are effective modalities to help every menopausal woman. Whether you are pre, post or currently going through the change, we are here to help.

We can help with the following menopausal symptoms

Depression-anxiety- low energy- hot flashes- night sweating-hair loss- change in skin tone- low libido - weight gain- poor memory& concentration- blood sugar disturbances- pain and inflammation

1)With Acupuncture and herbs we can strengthen Jing Qi which is the essence which helps prepare us to adapt for changes. We also work to tonify kidney yin/yang which regulate hormone levels. With customized herbal formulas we will be able to target your specific menopausal symptoms and allow you to smoothly transition.

For a smooth transition we need to verify that your adrenals are strong and the you have low levels of inflammation. This can be checked in the office with two non invasive tests.

2)Adrenals help produce Estrogen when the ovaries can no longer keep up...

Adrenal Health is key to successfully transition throught menopause. Support is according to lab finding using herbs and acupunture to encourage hormonal balance and production.

3) Reduce total body inflammation for less effects of estrogen dropping- Detoxification, nutrient supplementation, and indentification of other inflammatory triggers are key to reduce systemic inflammation.

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