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Greetings and Welcome New Patients!

Welcome to our health partnership. I appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in our clinical and nutritional expertise. Our utmost commitment is to see that you achieve your goals in a speedy manner. We are here to support you and care for your health needs in a special way all with natural medicine

We can help you with the following

Womens health-menopause -fertility -painful periods -fibroids -PCOS

Emotions -anxiety -depression -insomnia -anger/irritability -fatigue

Pain-back, knee, neck pain -migraines -headaches -muscle pain

Digestive- Heartburn -GERD -bloating -IBS -gastritis -ulcers -infections

Autoimmnue diseases -fibromyalgia -hypothryoid -rhematoid arthritis -Crohns

Other -sinuses -sweating -hair loss -dry eyes and more

We look forward to helping you in on this journey to ultimate health

The following New Patient forms can be downloaded prior to your appointment. Please fill out the forms completely and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Please bring these forms with you to your first appointment.

Form 1     Form 2

Acupuncture-Herbal Medicine-Detox-Homeopathy-Nutrition

For the healthier you!

Broward Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine

12651 W. Sunrise Blvd #301 Sunrise, FL 33323