Lab testing: The correct testing to find the Answers

The right testing can be lucrative to getting the correct diagnosis. Our office offers various testing that conventional medicine usually does not offer. This "outside" the box testing can yield valuable information on what can be causing your health issues.


Full Thyroid Testing

Alzheimer's Linx testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Adrenal Stress Test

Nutritional Evaluation

Comprehensive Stool test

Heavy Metal testing

Cardiovascular testing

Female Cycling Hormone test

Estrogen Clearance testing (for estrogen dominant conditions like breast/uterine cancer, endometriosis, fibroids)

Environmental Toxins Profile

Mycotox Profile (molds)

Hereditary Cancer Screening

Extensive Immunology Profiles are key for all autoimmune patients. This helps us identify factors and triggers that keep triggering the immune system.

Immune response to environmental toxins
Immune response to Pathogens/Infections
Immune response to foods (Food Sensitivity)
Autoimmune markers